How big is Earth

by Colm Byrne on Monday, January 14th, 2013


This is a really good Question : How big is the planet Earth

As you’ll know already Earth is the third planet form the Sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth) in our solar system.

It’s what we call a terrestrial planet and is in the inner solar system.

Our Planets Radius and Diameter

If we where to start at the equator and go around, the Earth’s equatorial diameter is 7,926 miles or 12,756 kilometers.

(in 1980 a B-52 plane took 47 hours to fly around the planet, it was refueled in flight. The average speed of a plane is about 550 mph)

From the north pole to the south pole, the diameter is 7,900 miles or 12,720 km

What is the surface area of our World?

510,072,000 square kilometers (total) or 200,000,000 million (two hundred million) square miles.

Did you know that 29.2% is covered by land and 70.8% is covered by water or 149,000,000 square kilometers is land

How heavy is the Earth

So this is not that easy to answer simply because we don’t have a giant weighing scales, So, scientists initially tried to estimate the weight of a very large/biggest mountain and using various calculations and mathematics came up with around 6 quadrillion kilograms. This is huge and one of the amazing answers that science can come up with.


The above values are approximations simply because the earth is made up of mountains, lakes, rivers, lumps, bumps, valleys and much more that can make is hard to measure. All of theses can affect the size of the Earth simply because the geography is always changing.

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